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What happens when you destroy everything good

Take the original game, remove everything people remember and add a generic style and slightly easier gameplay and you get Flashback (2013). I would imagine allot of people would have got it if the style had kept to the original look slightly but that generic uncharted style main character just doesn’t fit.

Eurogamer Review

Binny’s thoughts

This is the first I have heard about a remake of the classic game Flashback, let along the original game being 20 years old. Holy crap I’m getting old, I had the original on the Atari ST. Flashback was/is a brutal game to play and would kill you the first chance it got, but I think it is also one of those rare games where every time you played it you would get a little further. As a follow up to the outstanding (if impossible to play) Another World I always prefered Flashback.

From the Eurogamer review and those few screen shots I am not going to be buying this new version, even if it does include the entire playable original game in the title screen. Perhaps they would have been better off just putting the original out for sale again.

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