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Mysterious Cities of Gold - The Game

Three cheers for nostalgia, and also the French anime fans who have managed to get a game studio to create a game based on the much loved classic kids show The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

In an awesome display of making people put their money where their mouth is, the game is being created in French only to reward those that made it possible. Which is where the Kickstarter below comes in. If we want it to be dubbed and released outside of French speaking areas, then we have to help provide the funds to pay for localization.



What happens when you destroy everything good

Take the original game, remove everything people remember and add a generic style and slightly easier gameplay and you get Flashback (2013). I would imagine allot of people would have got it if the style had kept to the original look slightly but that generic uncharted style main character just doesn’t fit.

Eurogamer Review

Binny’s thoughts

This is the first I have heard about a remake of the classic game Flashback, let along the original game being 20 years old. Holy crap I’m getting old, I had the original on the Atari ST. Flashback was/is a brutal game to…