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Lego Jurassic Park (want)

Following on from the Back to the Future set (with it’s not very impressive Delorean), the much better looking Jurassic Park set.

It’s one of those vote for sets though so might not ever come out but something tells me it will.

Link to LEGO website for voting


Fake Monty Python Lego we wish were real

Toys & Games

More Lego Minecraft

Lego have released another two Lego Minecraft sets that are likely going to be loved by fans of the game whilst I marvel at how anyone could pay so much for so little then pay the same for a set with less bricks but Lego Turtles. To each their own lol.

The Nether and the village are available from the Lego shop. http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Minecraft-ByTheme