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And the new Batman is

So they cast Ben Affleck as the new Batman for Man of Steel 2, still reeling from the shock. I can kind of see him surprising us but not enough to ever make it the best decision, have to wonder who else was on that list if Affleck was the number 1.

Link (BBC)

Binny’s thoughts

I don’t have a problem with casting Ben Affleck as Batman.. IMHO he will do a better job Christian Bale. Not least because you can barely understand a word he says when the is doing his “Batman Voice”. When Kevin Conroy speaks…


Behind the scenes of awesome movies

Great post over on io9 with behind the scenes photos from various sci-fi movies.

Slightly freaky see-through Alien (from the movie…Alien) that looks like the creepy baby one from the not terrible until the end fourth film, they must have changed their minds at the last minute and made them solid black.

Link to io9