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And the new Batman is

So they cast Ben Affleck as the new Batman for Man of Steel 2, still reeling from the shock. I can kind of see him surprising us but not enough to ever make it the best decision, have to wonder who else was on that list if Affleck was the number 1.

Link (BBC)

Binny’s thoughts

I don’t have a problem with casting Ben Affleck as Batman.. IMHO he will do a better job Christian Bale. Not least because you can barely understand a word he says when the is doing his “Batman Voice”. When Kevin Conroy speaks you can hear very menacing syllable.. as it should be. Anyway will put together a post that goes over all the problems I had with the last film another time.

No, my biggest problem is what they did a Comicon because a line from the Frank Miller classic “The Dark Knight Returns” got quoted. That implies to me that they are going to do a version of Batman and Superman facing off… and if you know how that ends you know what it is important. But that story really only makes sense once Batman and Superman have known each other for a long time, and Batman knew some day Superman would be sent to kill him. Ben Affleck just isn’t old enough to play that Batman, tell you who would make an amazing older Batman.. Pierce Brosnan though he isn’t really old enough either.

Only time will tell, but I am going to be sticking with the comics. I have given up thinking they will get Batman right. But the animated film versions of The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 and 2 are on Netflix and worth seeing. Check out “Under the red hood” while you are there ;)

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