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Great new indie bundle 9

The newest indie bundle 9 is out link and includes a really good selection with almost no crossover with previous bundles (no more Fieldrunners and Darwinia…)

The bundle is also the first time Fez has been available for Mac and Linux.


New Vita

Sony continues its trend of releasing the solid expensive looking (and usually actually expensive) model of the console first then aggressively trimming bits off for a cheaper model later. The first PS3 model (the original “fat” model) is regarded as the best one you can have with its PS2 backwards compatibility and general solid build (though mine blew up).

The new Vita drops the amazing OLED screen but Sony have said LCD has progressed since the original and LCD will…

Toys & Games

Lego Jurassic Park (want)

Following on from the Back to the Future set (with it’s not very impressive Delorean), the much better looking Jurassic Park set.

It’s one of those vote for sets though so might not ever come out but something tells me it will.

Link to LEGO website for voting


Fake Monty Python Lego we wish were real


Mysterious Cities of Gold - The Game

Three cheers for nostalgia, and also the French anime fans who have managed to get a game studio to create a game based on the much loved classic kids show The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

In an awesome display of making people put their money where their mouth is, the game is being created in French only to reward those that made it possible. Which is where the Kickstarter below comes in. If we want it to be dubbed and…

Toys & Games

More Lego Minecraft

Lego have released another two Lego Minecraft sets that are likely going to be loved by fans of the game whilst I marvel at how anyone could pay so much for so little then pay the same for a set with less bricks but Lego Turtles. To each their own lol.

The Nether and the village are available from the Lego shop. http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Minecraft-ByTheme


Nintendo 2DS is real

The Nintendo 2DS is one of those news items you read and immediately assume is a joke, you start looking at the date for signs of April even though you know its nowhere near.

It is indeed real, a non-3D ugly (but unbreakable looking) version of the 3DS for less money.

Everybody I know with a 3DS (myself included) eventually turns off the 3D as it drains the battery and makes your eyes wonky when you look up to answer…

News, Film

And the new Batman is

So they cast Ben Affleck as the new Batman for Man of Steel 2, still reeling from the shock. I can kind of see him surprising us but not enough to ever make it the best decision, have to wonder who else was on that list if Affleck was the number 1.

Link (BBC)

Binny’s thoughts

I don’t have a problem with casting Ben Affleck as Batman.. IMHO he will do a better job Christian Bale. Not least…


What happens when you destroy everything good

Take the original game, remove everything people remember and add a generic style and slightly easier gameplay and you get Flashback (2013). I would imagine allot of people would have got it if the style had kept to the original look slightly but that generic uncharted style main character just doesn’t fit.

Eurogamer Review

Binny’s thoughts

This is the first I have heard about a remake of the classic game Flashback, let along the original game being 20 years…


Behind the scenes of awesome movies

Great post over on io9 with behind the scenes photos from various sci-fi movies.

Slightly freaky see-through Alien (from the movie…Alien) that looks like the creepy baby one from the not terrible until the end fourth film, they must have changed their minds at the last minute and made them solid black.

Link to io9


Batman: Arkham Origins will use Steam

Good news for haters of the dreaded Games for Windows Live that plagued the previous Batman games on PC.

Source: Eurogamer


Rape and Suicide in comic form

This week two bits of news have hit me both of them comic related, and both of them have made me somewhat sick.

Penny Arcade Is Just Wrong

Wired ran…